KETROY clothing, shoes and accessories for women are positioned as casual and smart casual. Brand’s selection of styles is strongly in line with the trends in fashion, providing modern cosmopolitans with the variety of choice in KETROY outlets.

Colour and style choices for new collections are carefully selected with the consideration of new trends in fashion. KETROY’s key priority is to underline and embolden the uniqueness of every customer. This is achieved with monthly add-ons to the existing collections to further broaden the arrangement of styles available. 


KETROY range includes all product categories: clothing, shoes and accessories. In looks, developed by brand, every part is well thought through. Colours are carefully chosen to create an exquisite look, embracing confidence and poise.

KETROY’s styling blends well with renowned brands in client's wardrobe, allowing to express oneself and look elegant in any situation: daily office work, business meetings or social events.