The mission of KETROY is to offer a personalised representative ensemble of elements of high-end business attire to every customer. The assembling of mastered item sets, or so-called "Total Looks" in brand terminology, starts with collection development. At this stage KETROY designers produce the range of clothing and carefully lead the process of selecting garments to underline client's individuality. 

The "Total Look" concept provides an option to select a suited composition of shirt, tie and suit to create a matching image for the client.


The range of KETROY includes a full variety of business and casual shoes and clothing. The distinctive advantage of KETROY collections is the availability of colour combinations aimed at providing the client with the best possible selection of "Total Look" options.

KETROY follows modern trends and therefore can effectively match with other acclaimed brands at client's disposal, allowing the customers to express themselves and look presentable for every occasion: office, business meetings or social events.