The brand had been established by a European designer and was expanded to CIS and Russia in the first year of existence. During the 13 years of existence many fashionable and high-quality outfits were created under the KETROY trademark.

In 2006 KETROY introduced the "Total Look" concept, which has soon become, and still is, a unique selling point of the brand.

"Total Look" is a concept of matching clothing combinations that guarantee comfort and presentability. It also makes the process of selecting the garments more accessible, and the overall experience more pleasurable.


2005 - First pilot store opening 

2007 – The network of over 30 branded boutiques and presence in over 100 multi-brand stores

2008 - Two stores in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Moldova)

2009 – The opening of a store in Genève, Switzerland

2010 – The opening of a store in London, United Kingdom

2014 – The release of the first KETROY Women (F by KETROY) collection

2015 – The opening of the first KETROY Women (F by KETROY) boutique

2017 – Introduction of the KETROY WOMEN franchising network


In the past 13 years KETROY designers have created more than 2000 unique clothing models, which were produced at 47 factories across 9 countries. The collections are produced in best wold wide-known factories. Each clothing piece is thoroughly developed and goes through the quality control process at every single step: from a design sketch to the delivery of the final product to the store.

KETROY clothing is made of natural materials with the adoption of modern technology, which allows to keep up with the latest fashion trends. While maintaining comfort and durability is one of the key priorities of KETROY, the designers also ensure the newly developed garments are in line with the long-lasting traditions of formal wear. The selection accommodates the full range of styles, ranging from business to casual outfits for men and women: outwear, suits and shirts, knitwear, jeans and trousers. 

KETROY production process utilises the advantages of a global supply chain to ensure the customers are offered the highest quality of materials available. By working with multiple suppliers across India, China, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy, KETROY is able to accumulate otherwise unavailable regional competitive advantages to cater to some of the most demanding customers.


KETROY clients are time-conscious individuals who value every minute spent and often choose to trust professionals. In turn, KETROY acts as a guarantor of style and sense of fashion. The collections target those who are ready to invest in their image. By 2018, over a quarter of million of people has become KETROY clients.

A franchisee always values KETROY for professionalism and reliability. The brand provides full support to partners in operations and development. KETROY values partners for their hard work, perseverance and ability to follow the path of the proven success.

Each KETROY outlet is a contemporary, hi-tech place for customers to embrace their inner creativity. Innovative interior and modern technologies harmonise effectively with aristocracy and sophistication.

For the past 13 years KETROY’s proprietary and franchised stores were launched across 5 countries and over 40 cities. Outstanding merchandise experience combined with technological excellence in retail design has been developing and improving over the years with the help of expertise and passion of hundreds of people.